Readers Kept Willamette Week Alive. Now Our Reporting Drives Change.

On our final episode of the Dive—for now—Editor Mark Zusman discusses the stories that changed Portland and Oregon.

In March 2022, I took over as host of the Dive. in the time since, I’ve had some of the most fascinating conversations with some of the most influential journalists to ever play the game.

All things must end—or go on extended hiatus so the host can publicize her groundbreaking debut memoir, same diff. It’s been a gas to serve as your trustworthy podcast host, and I look forward to coming back to the booth, but for now I’m taking off my all in one podcast producer hat and going back into superstar divatastic writer mode, Don’t start crying, you’re gonna make me cry.

Look, you can still catch me doing all manner of live events all around town once Altogether Different, my hotly anticipated book, arrives in stores on Oct. 17—pre-order now at Korza Books. I’ll still be your Potlander, and here’s some delicious news: I’ll also be helming a new column, spotlighting the small businesses that keep Portland weird, wild, whimsical and wonderful.

On this very special episode of the Dive, I’m talking to Willamette Week Editor Mark Zusman, a Portland legacy I’m proud to call a contemporary. Let’s catch up with him now.

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