2010 Best of Portland Readers Poll

Yeah, that's Floater. IMAGE: Darryl James

Best of Portland isn't just about what we love about this city—every year, we ask what you think keeps Portland weird, wonderful, well-fed and wasted. This year, we received 1,564 responses to those questions. Here's what you told us:

Best New Restaurant

The Pearl District's

Irving Street Kitchen

has been open for barely two months now but seems to have already won your hearts and stomachs with its hearty servings of Southern comfort.

701 NW 13th Ave., 343-9440, irvingstreetkitchen.com.

RUNNERS-UP, IN ORDER: Tasty n Sons, Portobello Vegan Trattoria, Foster Burger, Cafe Yumm!, Olympic Provisions

Best Food Cart

Big-Ass Sandwiches. IMAGE: cameronbrowne.com

If there's one thing you guys like more than fries and a burger, it's fries in a burger—the hot, carb-on-carb action of Big-Ass Sandwiches' fry-stuffed sammies won this by a fat, meaty mile.
Southwest 3rd Avenue and Ash Street, 803-0619, bigasssandwiches.com.

RUNNERS-UP: Whiffies Fried Pies, Grilled Cheese Grill, Potato Champion, Koi Fusion

Best Brunch

Tapas and tofu were popular, but you prefer your midmorning meal with a side of Southern-fried soul at

Screen Door.
2337 E Burnside St., 542-0880, screendoorrestaurant.com.

RUNNERS-UP: Mother's Bistro, Tasty n Sons, Sweetpea Baking Co., Arleta Library Bakery Cafe

Best Dive Bar

My Father’s Place

is your favorite spot to get wasted on cheap beer, then crawl back in when the sun comes up for a Bloody Mary and a big, greasy hangover breakfast.

523 SE Grand Ave., 235-5494.

RUNNERS-UP: Low Brow Lounge, the Matador, the Slammer, Space Room

Best Place to Pick Up a Date

Whether cruising for geeks in the Gold Room, art students in the Pearl Room or snobby wankers in the Blue Room, clearly none of you is going to


for the books. Just stay out of the Rose Room.

1005 W Burnside St., 228-4651, powells.com.

RUNNERS-UP: New Seasons, Grilled Cheese Grill, Rontoms

Best Place to Take a Date

Nothing puts you in the mood for lovin' like a burger served between two grilled cheese sandwiches at the

Grilled Cheese Grill.
1027 NE Alberta Ave, 206-8959, grilledcheesegrill.com.

RUNNERS-UP: Portland City Grill, Toro Bravo, Sapphire Hotel

Best Band

Color us shocked: For the twenty-gazillionth time, fans turned out to crown


your favorite band.

RUNNERS-UP: Angry Orts, Blitzen Trapper/Red Fang (tie), Water and Bodies, Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

Best Little Shop

Where else can you buy a Made in Oregon onesie and an Electronic Yodelling Pickle but

Presents of Mind


3633 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 230-7740, presentsofmind.tv.

RUNNERS-UP: Naked Sheep Knit Shop, Local35, Rock n' Rose, Cupcake Jones

Most Underappreciated Person or Place

Despite winning this category last year, the

Julie Lawrence Yoga Center

apparently still isn't getting the credit it deserves.

1020 SW Taylor St., 227-5524, jlyc.com.

RUNNERS-UP: PDX.FM, Floater, Cheezy Flicks Entertainment


"City park maintenance folks—they're all beautiful right now."

"Deputy Eric Gustafson, Mult. Co. Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Coordinator for the Kyron Horman search. He did all of the work on the search and rescue effort, and got none of the glory for it."

"Dorian's Shoe Repair downtown—fast repair, excellent turnaround time, super friendly, mirror shine."

"Everyone that works very hard to do sincere and beautiful work in a town where the ironic and sarcastic reigns supreme."

"Holocaust Memorial in Washington Park."

"It's safe to go out at night. It's (relatively) safe to ride a bike. People don't appreciate that."

"John and No Fish! Go Fish!—soup to go and trivia questions while you wait!"

"Made in Oregon sign with the stag (with the nose lit up, Rudolph-style, during the holidays)."

"Multnomah County Animal Shelter."

"Aaron Mesh."

"The Hispanics (they get no respect and most deserve a lot)."

"The Bridge Church—they give out free groceries every week and you don't even have to go to church."

"The lady at La Jarochita taco cart."

Best Reason to Love Portland

It is common knowledge that

Portland was built on an ancient unicorn burial ground,

and this is clearly why Portland is as artistic and magical as it is.

RUNNERS-UP: Beer, food, the people, bikes, the weather.


"The drugs are cheap, the water's clean and the homeless are friendly."

"All the fucking pirates, mate!"

"Appreciating the many shades of gray that make the many shades of green possible."

"I can walk one block from my house, in my PJs, and watch 13,000 nude bikers."

"It's not California."

"Sex in the woods."

"The shitty art."

"Tight pants, cute dogs, lots of beer and plenty of strip clubs."

"We recycle buildings."

"Hobos with Four Lokos."

"Political sex scandals."

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