Top 10 Local Books From 2011

Portland is a city of writers and readers. It's sometimes overwhelming how much talent we've got crammed into this town. To wrap up 2011, I thought I'd offer a list of 10 very notable titles published by local authors. I'll be honest: I haven't read all of these books yet, but they're the ones my friends are buzzing about and have made it to my bedside table or my eternal list of library holds.

The Sisters Brothers
A Simple Machine, Like the Lever
[Fiction] The “simple machine” of the title is a bicycle, a ubiquitous accessory for so many Portlanders. The protagonist of this memorable first novel is a carless thirtysomething, trying to move forward in a world where many roads seem like dead ends.
The Chronology of Water
Curses and Wishes
Out Here: Poems & Images from Steens Mountain Country
Voodoo Vintners
Rethinking Paper & Ink
[How-To] All of us paper-and-ink–loving book fiends must justify not only our e-book phobia but the environmental costs of the format we prefer. Ooligan Press’ Rethinking Paper & Ink provides a look at how publishers and consumers can make responsible, eco-friendly choices in their reading material.
Daughter of Smoke & Bone
The Hunger Games

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