There are three magic words printed in all-caps on a sidewalk sign for The High Dive (1406 SE 12th Ave., 384-2285) that should, in time, make it a favorite neighborhood watering hole: CART FOOD WELCOME. The boxy bar—which bears no relation to the Seattle rock club of the same name—attached at the hip to Que Pasa Cantina Mexican restaurant, is cozy but unthrilling otherwise. Sitting at the dimly lit bar means staring at the Blazers game on the silent single corner television or contemplating the shiny wood flooring on the back wall while listening to a tatted-up bartender's iPod selections (Björk, Atmosphere and Portishead on my visit). The low-key feel (four beers on tap and a crowded liquor shelf) offers a nice contrast to the bright-and-busy Jolly Roger across the street, though High Dive still has that new-bar smell. We expect it to feel a lot different once the huddled food-cart masses notice just how close they are to sanctuary.