Uchu: Must Love Fish

For a year, I lived with a guy named Scott. He had a somewhat alarming obsession with pet fish. Some months he'd fret about making rent, then come home with an African knife fish he bought off a black-market fish dealer for $80. Scott would love Uchu (3940 N Mississippi Ave., 281-8248, uchusushi.com). Not necessarily for the food—I never saw him eat anything other than Hot Pockets—but for the décor, which balances a sleek, airy wood design with two massive aquariums stocked with vibrantly colored tropical fish. Uchu's happy-hour menu is killer, though. It features sushi rolls and subtly spiced fried chicken wings for $4, along with a selection of $5 cocktails, including the signature Uchu, a cloudy mixture of rum, lime and agave. That doesn't sound like a drink Scott would enjoy much; but then I didn't know him that well. 

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