Drank: In-Tents India-Style Pale Lager

Good things happen when Brits and Americans swap ideas. Just as the British co-opted American rhythm and blues to create catchier rock 'n' roll, American brewers subsumed British India pale ales, amping up the style with loads of piney, citrusy American-grown hops. Stateside, almost every craft brewer now makes an IPA, with some riffing on the theme by brewing white IPAs with orange peel and coriander, low-alcohol India session ales, India red ales, India wheat ales and black IPAs (locally known as Cascadian dark ales). Portland's Base Camp Brewing, which debuts this week, forgoes the ale but not the Indian influence with a unique India pale lager. Bottom-fermenting lager yeast generally makes beer dry and crisp, but Base Camp aged—or lagered—this brew on house-toasted native oak chips to enrich it with caramel notes. This IPL comes in attractive 22-ounce bottles made of packable and earth-friendly aluminum—an idea worth spreading. Recommended.