1. Former progressive talk-radio host Carl Wolfson says he’s been busy meeting with potential backers to return him to the airwaves since KPOJ-AM 620 switched to an all-sports format Nov. 9. “I would love to be the voice for progressive talk radio in this city,” Wolfson says. “We’re looking for a way, a model, a station. I’m not going anywhere.” Station owner Clear Channel, partly owned by notorious investment firm Bain Capital, has brought syndicated Fox Sports shows to KPOJ. “It’s an oligarchy,” Wolfson says. “Local radio’s getting pushed out.” Wolfson’s Facebook page has been flooded with outraged comments since his dismissal. “I always knew we had a loyal audience,” he says, “but the depth of their feeling is touching to me. Is there still time to run for mayor? Do I have a shot?”
  1. At a time when Planned Parenthood is under attack from Republicans, it’s puzzling that the $20 million-a-year local chapter would be considering Judy Peppler to be its new CEO. Peppler, the former CEO of phone company Qwest (now CenturyLink), is an accomplished GOP fundraiser who brought in campaign cash for Republican Chris Dudley in the 2010 Oregon governor’s race and for the 2008 presidential bid of U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) while both were under heavy attack from Planned Parenthood’s political arm for their views on abortion. Peppler tells WW she has changed her party registration to non-partisan and strongly believes in Planned Parenthood’s pro-choice agenda.
  1. Neighbors of Oregon Health & Science University say the city is raising their residential permit parking rates at the same time car-sharing service Car2Go is hogging too many parking places. The Homestead Neighborhood Association met with city officials and Car2Go representatives Nov. 13 to discuss a problem that’s “magnifying daily,” says neighborhood association president Eric Schnell. Many homes near OHSU lack driveways or garages. Car2Go users can leave the vehicles in any public parking spot anywhere in the firm’s “home area.” Seattle city councilors stalled approval of a Car2Go program after residents fretted about the park-anywhere service’s impact.
  1. Secretary of State Kate Brown won re-election Nov. 6 despite widespread criticism about her job performance. She responded to that heat Nov. 13 by replacing her deputy and longtime adviser, Barry Pack. His successor is Brian Shipley, who served in senior positions under Govs. John Kitzhaber and Ted Kulongoski.