Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Ah, well. It's 2012, and for seemingly the 80th time, the world is ending. If the predictions are true, it'll all wrap up five days after Hannukah, four before Christmas and well ahead of the new year.

But outside, the leaves are still turning their usual colors and the rain is a comforting tap on the window. The bicyclists are out in their all-weather gear on the Hawthorne Bridge, and pretty soon the powers that be are going to light up the stag's red nose on the "Portland Oregon" sign above West Burnside Street.

Suddenly you look to your neighbor, cousin, mom, and you think: It's a pretty good day. I want to give you a present.

That's where we come in. 

We tend to like the parade of people who pass as swiftly as they can by the WW office window each morning: the bike enthusiast, the food obsessive, the business type who thinks of himself as bohemian-hip. And we want to help introduce you to the fine local stores where you can find the perfect gift for each of these fine local people. 

We've taken the liberty of picking out a few familiar Portland types—pack rats, fashion hounds—and matching them up with a much-too-small (we know, we know) selection of Portland shops that stock the things they'll love. 

The nice thing about buying local for local people is that these stores were made for exactly who we are as a city. After all, the people behind the counters are also, charmingly, us. 

Besides, if the world is indeed ending, we're going to need a new pair of pants.

—Matthew Korfhage


Editor: Matthew Korfhage

Art Director: Brittany Moody

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Portland Gingerbread House: Olinka Broadfoot for ADX

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