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Best of Portland 2013

We itch to share.

Anytime a Willy Week writer discovers something awesome in Portland, we fashion a way to write about it. We're pretty good at this—almost every issue finds us declaring something or other to be the best in Portland, as you can see here

Occasionally, we are thwarted. Sometimes that's because we want to write about something that's existed for some time before we noticed it (underwater hockey) or because other WW writers have been writing about it for 20 years (Sherman Jackson) or because there's just no way to write a normal newspaper story about it (Rocky the raccoon). When this happens, our minds start to tingle. Eventually, there is a burning sensation.

Thus, our annual Best of Portland issue. For us, this week is a salve. Thanks to this 72-page pressure valve, we finally get to write about all those things we otherwise have no excuse to write about.

For you, we hope, it's a spotlight on amusing and strangely captivating (best traffic break) things you've never noticed. No matter how long you've lived in this exceptional corner of the world, no matter how hard you've worked to keep up, here you will learn something you never knew existed.

So, here's to Portland's best toilet, unicycle gang, marijuana strain, police horse and 40 others.

Thanks again—we needed that.

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