Written by Sara Sneath
Photographs by Evan Johnson

Children sprawl on the Morrison Bridge like a spilled box of crayons. It’s 10 am on a Friday, and the Morrison opens, its great panels of

roadway swinging up and looming above the third-graders from North Clackamas Christian School.

The students lie on the asphalt, safely behind traffic barriers. When the bridge closes again, a red-headed boy with a Super Mario Bros. backpack rushes to the teacher and chaperones to report he had the best view ever.

"I got to lay on the bridge!" he says. "I got to lay on the bridge!"

Kids in Washington state visit the Space Needle, and on the coast they go to the Astoria Column. But when school kids learn about Portland's history—and the things that shape our city—they come to the bridges that cross the Willamette River.

It's all part of belonging to this place. To be a Portlander means falling in love with at least one of the city's bridges…

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