Bin 21

5011 NE 21st Ave., 284-4445,
Open until 10 pm.

Alberta's first wave of gentrification brought biodynamic veggie patches and naked fire twirling. Now come patrons for Bin 21, an airy wine bar full of elegant, long-legged ladies sipping rosé and nibbling bruschetta. Sip white peach sangria on the patio and marvel at the roller-derby store and punk bar that will soon be "Old Alberta."


2926 NE Alberta St., 284-9600,

Open until 2 am.

Not so long ago, Branch appeared in this guide as a place to get dinner. The neighborhood has upped its game, but this pub grubbery and still-tapper remains a great place to get Basil Hayden on the rocks, Slieve Foy straight, curried peanuts, a big burger or a Buffalo Trace julep.

Random Order

1800 NE Alberta St., 971-340-6995,
Open until midnight Wednesday-Saturday.

Random Order opened as a coffee shop, but pies quickly became the main draw. The cherry and vegan apple feature local fruit, but opt instead for the mile-high cream pies and slices made with New Deal's coffee liqueur or salted pecan with bourbon bottled by Bull Run.


2805 NE Alberta St., 284-4510. Open until midnight.

You'll feel like you're on a Happy Days date at this old-school bakery and scoop shop. Doughnut-wise, you want the dense buttermilk bar, a glazed rectangle of yellow dough that explodes on top like a loaf of bread. The ice cream comes off a truck, just like the good ol' days.

The Know

2026 NE Alberta St., 473-8729,
Open until 2:30 am.

More than just another dive, the Know has the battered aura of a classic rock club: Restroom stalls are lovingly defaced, floors are sticky, PBR practically flows from the faucets. Even though it's only been open eight years, it feels like it's been around forever.  OK, maybe it's not CBGB.  Maybe it's more like a neighborhood basement venue with a liquor license. And maybe that makes it even cooler. 

The Sugar Cube

3039 NE Alberta St., 971-202-7135,
Open until 5 pm.

The hotly anticipated storefront from pastry chef and cart queen Kir Jensen is finally open on Alberta. She's got savory breakfast goodies, but you'd rather have the "Crack" coffeecake muffins or Chocolate Blackout Cake. At this point, the Cube closes at 5 pm—if you're OK with having your dessert first, this is the place to go.