[INDIE FOLK POP] If you think you'll learn all there is to know about the musicians of Fanno Creek by listening to the first few minutes of their debut album, Monuments, you're wrong. 

Though it still borders on the simple, early Beatles sound found on their previous EPs, the trio's first full-length is a folk-inspired shape-shifter, led in large part by the dual vocals of Quinn Mulligan and Evan Hailstone, whose harmonies act as the group's symbiotic center.

"On My Way," the album's second track, is a soaring, Fleet Foxes-style epic that builds on floating harmonies, driving kick drum and perfectly timed handclaps. The album's catchiest track, "How Long," moves into '60s pop territory, complete with fuzzy electric guitar, falsetto "oohs" and a prominent bassline. The slower "Body, Brain" shows a sweet doo-wop influence, while "Green Stones" builds quietly on a soft, distorted riff. 

Trumpet, strings and a smidge of synth also weave their way in and out of the album, showing that while Fanno Creek holds onto its simple, folky roots and relies mostly on its vocals to carry the music, the group is starting to grow into its own.

SEE IT: Fanno Creek plays Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi Ave., with Sama Dams and Hands In, on Wednesday, Dec. 4. 9 pm. $5 advance, $7 day of show. 21+.