Fifty Licks: Fifty Proof

Long before opening his ice cream cart, Chad Draizin, owner of Fifty Licks (2021 SE Clinton St., 954-294-8868,, brewed beer. Now that he's moved up from a cart to a proper building on Clinton Street, Draizin is getting back into booze. He's not making it—and he isn't licensed to sell the hard stuff—but Draizin has concocted a wide-ranging menu of boozy sorbets using plum wine, mead and Cocchi Americano, an Italian aperitif (all $8). They're grown-up floats—restrained in sweetness, with citrus or bitters to balance them out—served in little cocktail glasses. They're a pleasant sip while listening to Yo La Tengo or Huey Lewis at little tables in or outside of this little shop of wood, tile and coffee cans. Our staff enjoyed them even on a crisp, cold day—how long until summer 2014?