1. Pure Sweet Almond massage oil

Escential Lotions & Oils, escentialonline.com. 16 ounces, $13.50. 

The moisturizer is pressed from California almonds and produced at Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard's Escential Lotions & Oils. Along with oils the store offers a variety of lotions, skin products and lubricants for all of your skin-care desires. This sweetly scented almond massage oil is available in sizes ranging from a petite 4-ounce bottle to a giant 16-ounce bottle.

2. Almost Naked organic lube

Good Clean Love, goodcleanlove.com. 4 ounces, $15.

This vegan, organic Eugene-made lube uses seaweed and aloe vera to help partners glide together. The Almost Naked lube smells of lemon and vanilla and can be found in various sizes at retailers such as Fred Meyer.

3. Chocolate Clone-A-Pussy and glow-in-the-dark Clone-A-Willy

She Bop, sheboptheshop.com. Pussy, $24; willy, $45.

Gift your significant other with a replica of your own goodies. Ladies can make an edible chocolate vulva with this molding kit while gentlemen can give a personalized dildo in the exact shape of their own junk. But unlike flesh, this one glows in the dark and vibrates. 

4. Original custom harness

InHerTube, inhertube.com. $70.

InHerTube's owner, who goes by Kat, was frustrated that rubber and leather harnesses didn't fit larger frames, so she developed a Portland-made harness available in waist sizes from 24 to 80. The harness is made from upcycled rubber previously used on heavy equipment, with industrial-strength velcro fasteners that hold fast but come on and off easily.

5. Ava slip 

Folly PDX, follypdx.com. $65-$68.

They say you're sexiest when you're comfortable. The Ava slip works as an undergarment but also as lingerie. Local designer Sarah Bibb makes these slips for stores around the country, but you can get them fresh at Folly PDX.

6. Moonstruck chocolates

If you want fancy chocolate, Portland has plenty of chocolatiers making high-grade cacao bombs in letterpressed labels. Moonstruck has a huge selection, including cute critters with heart-shaped dots and smiling faces and eyes that say "I Love You," or heart-shaped truffles styled to look like Sweethearts candies. 


7. Sex and Mischief jewelled flogger 

Scarlet Girl, scarletgirl.com. $19.

Got an old toy that's either broken or reminds you of an ex? Take it to Portland's Scarlet Girl, which recycles sex toys. You'll get a $10 credit toward the purchase of items like this bejeweled vinyl flogger.

8. velvet gloves and printed stockings

Polonova, polonova.com. $20-$75.

Polonova's velvet gloves exude luxury. Your date will start referring to you as "daaahling" as your fingers move with the whimsical lightness of a '40s actress accepting an award. The gloves, and the Portland company's stockings, come in a variety of screen-printed patterns including swirls, dragons, henna and various vaguely European designs.