3006 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 232-1744, claudiaspub.com. 11 am-midnight Sunday-Thursday, 11 am-1 am Friday-Saturday.

You know that old baseball glove you spent a summer breaking in way back when? That scrap of buttery soft leather you still dig out for a game of catch? That's Claudia's, more or less. Here, you'll find it makes sense to drink Miller High Life and join the mob in rooting against the Lakers. This 56-year-old sports bar boasts throne-style bar stools that look more comfortable than they are, doughy pizzas and a host of TVs on its east side. Peer through the gaps in the back bar and you'll witness heated poker games on the west side of the building, no doubt part of the reason the bar remains popular, and things there stay just as they are. MARTIN CIZMAR.

Happy hour: 4-7 pm daily. Specials vary.
Entertainment: Sports, pool.