Rose & Thistle Public House

2314 NE Broadway St., 287-8582. 3 pm-2:30 am Monday-Thursday, noon-2:30 am Friday-Sunday.

Are Scottish people the ones who invented the Utilikilt? Sorry, I'm Italian—we're the ones twirling our mustaches on pizza boxes—so I'm not equipped to judge the "authenticity" of Rose and Thistle. It certainly resembles my picture of a bar in, uh, Dublin or whatever, with big wooden booths, a dartboard on the wall and soccer contests on the telly. What I do know is, this longstanding, oft-overlooked institution has the most inviting patio in Irvington-Sullivan's Gulch. Airy, bright and hardly ever maxed out, it's tucked behind the bar, which, after a few pints, enhances the illusion of getting day-drunk in your backyard. In the summer, it's the ideal place to put away a Glenlivet on the rocks and a plate of haggis. Or do I mean Guinness and fish and chips? Oh, bloody hell. MATTHEW SINGER.

Happy Hour: 3-7 pm Monday-Friday. $1 off well drinks and draft beers.
Entertainment: Darts, patio, TV.