Bar Guide 2014: Starday Tavern

Starday Tavern

6517 SE Foster Road, 971-888-4001, 1 pm-1 am Monday-Thursday and Sunday, 1 pm-2 am Friday-Saturday.

Depending on the moment you enter Starday Tavern, you might walk into a band playing classic country on the stage next to the front door or get bowled over by Pantera blaring on the jukebox. A narrow, bright yellow hole in the wall drilled into the side of Foster-Powell, the bar was formerly known by the even quainter named Bob and Alice's until 2012, when the owners of the Southeast Portland blues club Duff's Garage took over the space. While the live music calendar reflects its vaguely midcentury makeover—decorations include vintage calendars and movie posters, and the logo would look appropriate splashed across a 1950s Little League jersey—the tavern isn't too strict about adhering to a particular theme: On a quiet Sunday afternoon, the house speakers pumped out Peter Tosh and Motörhead at levels that would've rattled the older clientele of Bob and Alice's. But if you want to watch Bob's Burgers over a metalcore soundtrack while drinking $3.50 hefeweizen, here's the place to do it. MATTHEW SINGER.

What plays: The country and the folk.