[FEEL-GOOD INDIE] It's easy to gloss over The Lost Weekend, the second album from Sean Flinn & the Royal We. With its sunny, medium-tempo indie-pop arrangements and vague lyrics about romance and living the artist's life, it's the kind of record you'll listen to with a smile before leaving it in your glove compartment for months. But while Flinn's immaculately crafted songs may go down easy, they demand at least a couple of repeat plays. The tracks on the album all share a relaxed vibe, but there's a wide variety of flavors in the mix: The jangly, sing-song "City Lights" channels '60s psych-pop and the shabby art rock of Grizzly Bear, while "After the Wall" is a slice of finger-picked Americana with strings and handclaps that recall Typhoon's mellower side. The record's songwriting is equally adept no matter the style, with twisty melodies like the verse on "Silver String" and tasty diversions such as the title track's wordless hook. Resting easy on top of the mix, Flinn's voice is delicate and likeable, sounding like a mellowed-out James Mercer, if the Shins frontman sang a few more low notes. Flinn rarely strains, and the band seems to keep its amps around medium most of the time. But when the gritty guitar enters on closer "The Ravine," it feels like a well-earned climax. Delicately constructed from start to finish, The Lost Weekend isn't just immensely likeable—it's also really good.

SEE IT: Sean Flinn & the Royal We play Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside St., with Cataldo and Dustin Hamman, on Thursday, Aug. 21. 9 pm. $8 advance, $10 day of show. 21+.