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Steinhaus: Bar Review

Not so long ago, the northeast corner of Southeast 82nd Avenue and Division Street was home to a blues bar called Steinhaus. Then, it was a rocker dive called Agenda. Then, a strip club called Assets. Now, again, it's Steinhaus (2366 SE 82nd Ave, 954-1797,, this time a Germanic beer bar from the people who are behind East Portland's best tap list, at nearby Roscoe's. On our visit, the solid list included imports from Franziskaner, Köstritzer and Freigeist, plus German-style brews from locals Laurelwood, Upright and Occidental. The wide back patio is one of the neighborhood's true gems, surprisingly quiet and not as smoky as it could be. Our spaetzle, however, tasted like it was made with vegan cheese, and the room retains the vague scent of punk shows and lap dances past. If you live in the neighborhood, it's a nice upgrade. For the rest of us, Roscoe's is still the spot in Montavilla and parts east.