Beer Buddies: Portland Restaurant Guide 2014

Restaurants with great beer lists.

STAMMTISCH (above and below right)

Higgins Bar

1239 SW Broadway, 222-9070,

Though most patrons—federal prosecutors, Oregonian reporters—at the dim back bar of pioneer locavore Greg Higgins' restaurant drink wine with their whole pig plate or bistro burger, they needn't: The beer list is the best of any upscale Portland haunt, wizth Crux, Commons and Hair of the Dog on tap and a bottle list deeper than a steakhouse wine cellar, including five different Logsdons and a 34-deep selection of Belgians. 

Grain & Gristle

1473 NE Prescott St.,298-5007,

With an eight-tap beer list curated by Upright's Alex Ganum, it's unsurprising the snout-to-tail gastropub—and sister bar to Old Salt (see page 48)—often plays tasting room for Upright seasonals, from Barrel Konducta to Boom Biddy Bine Bine, alongside Caldera and the latest from Stormbreaker.


726 SE 6th Ave., 841-6675, 

Rich Meyer, the chef at Ken Forkish's year-old tavern, came over from Higgins, and seemingly brought some beer with him. Trifecta doesn't have an Adam #1 in the cellar, of course, but there is a solid tap list (Heater Allen Pils, Logsdon's Bretta, lots from Crux) and a few gems in the bottles, including Logsdon's peche for $20, cheaper than some bottle shops.

Apizza Scholls

4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 233-1286,

Yes, Apizza Scholls does some carry-out. And they know you need a beer, which is why they now fill growlers to go. Bring your own glass and it's $14 from their pizza-friendly list, which often includes Radeberger, Anchor Steam, Double Mountain Kolsch and something from Heater Allen.



401 NE 28th Ave., 206-7983,

This above-ground Rathskeller is almost as much a bar as a restaurant, and serves a massive selection of Bavarian imports in a bewildering assortment of branded glasses, up to a 2-liter Bitburger boot, which is meant to be shared.

Raven & Rose

1331 SW Broadway, 222-7673, 

Drink-wise, it's hard to go wrong at this theater-district restaurant, which has a nice wine list and solid cocktails. But the upstairs area—it's somehow both airy and pubby—there's usually something interesting from 10 Barrel or Oakshire.

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