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The dogs are smaller in Northwest Portland. People there wear less hemp and more labels. It's a little more bourgeois than the rest of the city, a place for nice-looking people to buy nice-looking things.


Opened in the last few months, Thurman Street Collective's shelves are still modestly stocked, boasting few outside products alongside its selection of exclusively in-house strains grown by Lopaka Farms. On a recent Saturday morning, one of those caught my eye.

Early Girl sure looks like the naturalistic product of an outdoor grow, though it's not. The buds have an earthy scent, spicy with the hint of sun-warmed soil. These are plants of natural beauty; their modest orange hairs and unassuming leaves don't make much of an impression. Such subtlety fools the smoker into preparing for a lackluster high, but like an alarm cracking the dark, October dawn, Early Girl hits when you least expect it.

That's not to say this strain wakes you up: Contrary to the name, she isn't ideal for anything too early. At 21.06 percent THC and .62 percent CBD, this indica-dominant hybrid maintains a long-lasting body high. After the first skunky-flavored exhalation, the day's worries are erased as a rush of face-tingling relaxation washes through the mind. If any frets survive the first wave of relief, they'll surely dissipate as Early Girl proceeds to smooth out any physical tension without turning into an anxious high.

The overall heaviness subsides over the next 15 to 20 minutes, mellowing out and providing some creative stimulation, but a serious session gets you properly stoned. Several bowls left me satisfied with reruns of Storage Wars and any available leftovers in the fridge. One feels loosened up for hours, even to the point of forgetfulness. I think.