Five Oregon-Distilled Whiskeys to Try

The Emerald 1865, Ransom Spirits (pictured above)

The Emerald is made from an 1865 Irish whiskey recipe, made in an alembic still from grain grown on Ransom's farm, then aged three years in oak. It is splendid.

Clear Creek 

Clear Creek makes a traditional Scotch-style whisky with peat-malted Scottish barley that's aged for three years to give it a very robust, smoky flavor.

BillyCornelius Pass 

This wheat whiskey from McMenamins' century-old alembic still got two years in lightly charred oak. It's quite sweet—that wheat hits hard on the front of the tongue—and not all that nuanced, but it's pleasant.

Hogshead, Edgefield 

Hogshead whiskey was distilled from a McMenamins beer base. For a nice treat, pair it with Widowmaker imperial porter aged in the used whiskey barrels.

Vinn whiskey, Vinn

Vinn claims this as the first rice whiskey distilled in the United States. It's still young, but very promising, a light and subtle spirit with cereal notes of rice.

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