Five Oregon-Distilled Rums to Try

Donlon Shanks, Cannon Beach (pictured above)

Mike Selberg's rich Donlon Shanks amber just mopped up at the American Distilling Institute's competition, judged the best dang rum made in America. Gee whiz.

PacificBull Run 

An exceptional coconutty, almost creamy,  cane-distilled, lightly barrel-aged rum that stirs up thoughts of a daiquiri or pina colada before you even mix it.

Distiller's Cut White, New Deal 

New Deal rotates its rums available at the distillery, but they plan to keep this one in stock. It's clean, light, lovely and probably the best they've yet produced.

Below Deck Ginger, Eastside

The Below Deck Ginger rum is mild and citrusy enough to mix with soda and cider alike.

Three Rocks Spiced, Edgefield 

The chocolate notes from the cocoa nibs in this rich spiced rum, which is aged in bourbon barrels, drop the bottom into unexpected richness.


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