Five Oregon-Distilled Gins to Try

AriaBull Run (pictured above)

An exceptional, classic dry gin, complex but direct, with a blend of juniper, cilantro, cardamom and citrus zest. Superbly balanced and perfect all by its lonesome.

No. 33, New Deal 

A dry drink of the old guard that teases surprising complexity out of only juniper: A feat of wizardry for the lover of London.

Peters' Family, Cannon Beach 

Thick with the flavors of cilantro, basil, licorice and even a little olive, it's a spirit that drinks like a pre-dirtied martini right out of the bottle.

Merrylegs Genever, Oregon Spirit 

Inspired by the malty Dutch gin cousin, Merrylegs is an American-Dutch hybrid, aged in oak and made with juniper picked from fields near the Bend distillery.

Aviation, House Spirits

This gin put Oregon distillers on the map. Clean, smooth as a hotel-bar come-on, and flowery with lavender. The original American dry.


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