Five Oregon-Distilled Vodkas to Try

Dystopia, Industrial Row (pictured above)

This unfiltered vodka is just about creamy, and you can taste the character of the Bob's Red Mill whole wheat and rye used to make it. Sip straight and chilled.

House Spirits

An exceptionally clean vodka with a strong coconut flavor—partly the product of distillation through charred coconut husks.

Medoyeff, Bull Run 

Minimally distilled, this is an Eastern European-style vodka with a lot of sweetness.

D.L. Franklin, Dogwood 

A nice, versatile, subtle vodka—less coconut than vanilla and great for mixing. Also beautifully affordable at a mere $16 per bottle.

Crater Lake, Bendistillery 

For Grey Goose fans, Crater Lake offers a nicely smooth, similar liquor for about $7 less.


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