Five Oregon-Distilled Fruit Liquors to Try

Pear Brandy, Clear Creek (pictured above)

This Bartlett masterpiece was the first craft-distilled spirit in Oregon to become truly famous—called the greatest in the world by fetishists on the East Coast. Buy.

Alambic Brandy, Edgefield 

Aged in French oak for 13 years, this Cognac-style pinot noir brandy starts smooth and finishes smooth, with an excursion through maple and cinnamon flavors.

Mirabelle Brandy, Clear Creek 

Clear Creek searched for 20 years to find the little, yellow plums for this brandy. It was worth the wait—the floral nose drops into a deep plumminess that's satisfying.

Golden Quince Liqueur, Stone Barn 

This liqueur has a sweet, fragrant intensity somewhere between apple and pear, with a knock-you-back-in-your-seat jamminess to the nose.

Gewürztraminer Grappa, Ransom Spirits 

This is terroir distilled into grappa; you taste not only the grapes but the minerals in the grapes. Highly recommended.


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