1. SCREEN: The Grand Budapest Hotel was the most popular movie at Laurelhurst Theater, with 6,932 tickets sold for 125 showings over 12 weeks. The Grand Budapest Hotel was also the most-rented movie at Movie Madness, with 382 rentals. The most popular DVD at Multnomah County Library was Gravity, checked out 2,902 times.
  1. STAGE: The most popular show at Helium Comedy Club was Dave Chappelle, with nearly 3,000 tickets sold for 10 shows. The most popular show at Portland Center Stage was Dreamgirls, which sold 21,760 tickets.
  1. SHOES: Nike released 165 special-edition Air Jordans this year at an average cost of $172.42. Nike maintained the same three versions of its best-selling shoe, the Air Monarch IV, at a retail cost of $65.
  1. TUNES: The most popular record at Music Millennium was Jack White’s Lazaretto, which sold 422 copies. The most popular records at Jackpot Records were Syro by Aphex Twin and Rocks the House by Etta James. Legendary Portland jazz drummer Mel Brown played 156 shows at Jimmy Mak’s.
  1. WORDS: The most popular book for adults at Multnomah County Library was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, checked out 1,918 times. The most popular children’s book was Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck, checked out 2,114 times. The most popular e-book was My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor, with 1,736 checkouts.
  1. WEED: There are 69,429 medical-marijuana patients in Oregon. Only 16.87 percent of those patients live in Multnomah County, which has 19.31 percent of the state’s population. As of our publication date, there are 189 days until marijuana is officially legal in Oregon. You will be able to carry one ounce in public and have 8 ounces at home.
  1. BOOZE: The most popular liquor in Oregon by volume is Fireball Cinnamon Whisky at 409,812 bottles sold; it displaced HRD Vodka after a long run as Oregon’s favorite liquor. The most money, however, was spent on Jack Daniels Black Label: $1,343,276. The most expensive liquor currently available in Oregon is the Macallan “M” single-malt Scotch, at $4,999.95 for a 750-milliliter crystal decanter.
  1. BEER: According to the Oregon Brewers Guild, 28 new breweries opened in Oregon last year, including five in Portland and 12 in the Portland metro area. Widmer Brothers brewed 35,294,616 pints of its hefeweizen in Portland. The bestselling beer at Belmont Station was Laurelwood Workhorse IPA, with 246 cases sold. The Oregon Brewers Festival drew about 85,000 attendees.
  1. SPORTS: The Trail Blazers paid forward LaMarcus Aldridge $195,195 for every regular-season game. The Timbers paid Diego Valeri $14,705. The Timbers player with the highest percentage of goals scored per 90 minutes played is Maximiliano Urruti, at .76.