DEAD CAN DANCE, "Dawn of the Iconoclast"

A call to worship upside-down Nike logos.


As the curator of New York's now-defunct GHE20G0TH1K parties (thanks, Rihanna) Venus X gets enough Health Goth inspirational credit to overlook the fact that her collaboration with Fatima Al Qadiri is actually a mix.


The soundtrack to the inevitable James Bond film in which 007 wears only sportswear.

SPF666, "Don't Laugh Bxtch"

Whoops, giggles and the "ha" come together in this banger by Club Chemtrail's co-founder.

ACTRESS, "Forgiven"

Ambient noise-funk implosion.

NATURAL BORN HITTERS, "Training ft. Ray Lewis' Speech"

As an Under Armour-commissioned track made explicitly to push unswole bros past their limit, "Training" loses a little cred. But that dissonant rave synth hiding behind Pharrell's beat makes it.

_PENCIL_, "Ms.M (Idol Is Fxxk'n'Shit)"

For when you're happy your friends have heard about HG but mad the lifestyle is diluted.

INCIPE, "Crying on the Low"

Turnt-down and bass-boosted grime classic for long Tumblr sessions.

ARCA, "Thievery"

The Venezuelan-born producer has actually never stolen anything in his whole life—his walloping beats are all original.

SLUTCORE, "Dark Heart"

Nightcore is a far lesser-known and more trance-focused parallel to more popular dark club styles popularized by Fade to Mind. There are anime samples, happy hardcore and dubstep…don't be afraid.

MAGIC FADES, "Draped Mesh"

I listen to the Health Goth founders' most blissful track when I need to remind myself that it's not just about copping #rare Whatever 21 pieces. There's a beautiful dark world out there. MITCH LILLIE.