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10 Portland weed shops offering the city's best deals.


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A. Best Monday pick-me-up: TreeHouse Collective (2419 NE Sandy Blvd.,

Free edible with purchase on Mondays. TreeHouse has a wide selection, so you may find yourself swinging by more frequently than the occasional Monday. It also offers one of the best deals in the city for discounted shatter on Saturdays.

B. Best welcome gift: Pure Oregon (11134 NE Halsey St.,

First-time patients get a free gram of bud and are entered to win a free half-ounce. The talented in-house grower goes by the name Campfire Farms, which routinely has among the finest and most interesting selections. Some spots save their crappiest remnants for the free pre-rolled weed, but any form of flower from Pure Oregon will be prime.

C. Best loyalty program: Bridge City Collective (4312 N Williams Ave., 215 SE Grand Ave.)

There's a 5 percent gift of in-store credit with every $100 spent. Bring a referral and receive credit for the money they spend, too.

D. Best shatterday discount: Kind Heart Collective (8217 N Denver Ave.,

All concentrates are only $25 per gram. Most dispensaries offer a shatterday discount—shatter is refined THC concentrate—but few extend the discount across all strains and strengths. The normal price for good shatter is $35 or $40 per gram.

E. Best weekend kickoff: Cannabliss (1917 SE 7th Ave.,

You get a free joint with any purchase on Fridays. Few other spots give you free goodies on your first visit—we suggest visiting during lunch to avoid the potential rush-hour wait.

F. Best happy-hour deal: Club Sky High (8957 N Lombard St.,

From 5 to 6 pm, everything in the store is 20 percent off. That means for one hour, you'll have access to the same prices available to most budtenders at their respective shops.

G. Best pass for grass: Five Zero Trees (10209 SE Division St., Suite 100,

With a snowboard/ski pass, you get an eighth of an ounce of a house strain for $26. Unlike pretty much everyone else, FZT actually cares that you are a legit liftie, and will give you the homie discount. Enjoy your cheap eighth, brah.

H. Best recycling discount: Today's Herbal Choice (2606 SE Gladstone St., Suite 101,

Bring in any OMMP-mandated container for recycling, and receive a free pre-rolled joint. City recycling won't take the OMMP containers because of weed residue. THC cleans the containers and brings them to a proper facility, spending their own time and money while you puff on a free joint.

I. Best birthday gift: Natural Rxemedies (8700 SW 26th Ave., Suite Z,

This shop knocks $10 off your purchase on your birthday. Because it's your birthday, man. Rock that crown and sash.

J. Best hangover recovery: Urban Farmacy (420 NE 60th Ave.,

From noon to 7 pm on Sundays, selected strains are available for $5 to $6 a gram. Make your day of rest a bit more recuperative by visiting Urban Farmacy's minimalist space at the most memorable address in town. 

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