Cartathlon V Results 

2851Return of the Omnomnisaurs!
3838The Cartigans
4824Melting Pot of Foodies
5823Orange You Glad We're Bananas
6764Game of Scones
7760Lard Have Mercy
8695The Cartiers
9691Sweatin To The Foodies
10688Teenage Mutant Ninja Strudels
11678Tribble Hunters
12667The Walking Bread
13662Magna Carta
14628Settlers of Cartan
15627The Cartographers
16613Jalapeño Business
17612This Is How We Roll
18584Funk Hunters
19573We Died of Dysentary
20568Hollow Legs
22445Salmon Nation
23342Isn't it a Nice Day for Drinking a Ton of Beer and Eating a Ton of Food
24342Team Coors Peak
25245Naked Ninjas
26240Lil_Terminator_Pants (Maletis)
27220Cart-El de Comidas
28185Weapons of mass consumption
29160Bento Boxers
3015050 Shades of Grey Poupon
31145Jamaican Me Hungry
32140Dapper Dogs
3314050 Shades of Grub
34140Elica's Eaters
36130Fairies of Cartlandia
37125Team Food Cart
38115Fantastic Foodie Five
39110Drunken Donuts
40105The Runny Eggs
41100Cod Damn-It!!!
4285Cereal Killers
4385Duck Butter
4480Super foods
4575Raiders of the Lost Food Cart
4640The Pez Dispense
4710Whitney's Warriors

Check back February 2016 for Cartathlon VI registration!

It's back! Willamette Week's Cartathlon V registration is now open! Race around Portland by bus or on foot! Defy winter weather, complete crazy challenges, eat at food carts, solve riddles, and...COMPETE TO WIN honor, glory, and a special food cart tour prize package, courtesy of Food Carts PDX! ($200 value) 

Registration Begins: 12:30 PM 

Race Starts: 2:00 PM

Race Ends: 6:00 PM 

Awards Begin: 6:30 PM

Costumes encouraged! Awards will be given for First Place Finish, Best Team Name, and Best Team Costume. 

Teams of 5 ONLY  | $60 per team

Registration includes: 

kknd One food cart item per participant (five total per team) 

kknd Two 2-hour Tri-Met passes per team member

kknd Food and drink specials at registration and after party. 

kknd Day full of fun!!! 

Event sponsors include: Grand Central Bowl, Pips and Bounce, Coors Peak, PEMCO Insurance, humm kombucha, Naked Grape Wine, Kind, and Food Carts Portland. 

Questions? Contact us at 

PLEASE NOTE: Five total food cart items per team (not per person) will be consumable. Dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated. Willamette Week will not be held responsible for any injury sustained during or due to Cartathlon V.  No refunds will be honored. By completing your registration, you are agreeing on behalf of your team to have read and agreed to these stipulations.