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Beer Guide 2015: 10 Barrel

10 Barrel

1411 NW Flanders St., 541-585-1007,

[NOT FOR FUSSING OVER] When Bend's beloved 10 Barrel announced it was opening a satellite brewpub in Portland, we were stoked. Along with the arrival of Fat Head's (page 46) and the continued excellence of Deschutes (page 42), the Pearl District would be relevant to beer culture for the first time since the old Weinhard brewery tore out its tanks in 1999. The vibe changed in November, when 10 Barrel sold out to Anheuser-Busch before its Portland shop had even opened. A few interested observers applauded, many more kvetched. Are mergers and acquisitions a healthy part of capitalism? Was this a cynical cash-in on the brand's cachet? The answers will come elsewhere—all we've got time to do is talk about the brewpub. Sadly, it didn't open before this guide hit streets, though the tanks are installed and staff is hired. The space looks great and the Bend pub makes some of that city's best pizzas, so we're expecting good things. So long as they keep great brewers on their roster and give them room to experiment, the Clydesdales shouldn't trample a good thing.

DRINK THIS: Bud Light Lime-A-Rita—it's kind of like Swill, but shelf-stable.