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Beer Guide 2015: Boring Brewing Co.

Boring Brewing Co.

13503 SE Richey Road, Boring, 793-1382, Open weekends or by appointment.

[REAGAN COUNTRY] Here's proof that good breweries don't have to live in the city. Boring Brewing is located off a well-traveled rural road within spitting distance of Mountain View Golf Course. There's a lot of wide-open space out in Boring, with barns and pastures occupied by farm animals and rusted-out cars. The air is fresh. Watch yourself, though. Drive down the wrong driveway and you'll find yourself staring at a sign that reminds you this is "Reagan Country." Another nearby sign warns you to "Worry about the homeowner, not the dog." Cute. The times are a-changing, but only slowly out here. John Griffin's tiny brewery, located on his property, is part of that. The beer is good and worth the trip, although you can occasionally find Boring's beer on draft at Portland's watering holes and bottles of the IPA are sold at finer bottle shops. There's a more formal tasting room in the works, possibly open as early as this spring.

DRINK THIS: Big Yawn IPA, a citrus bomb that borrows from the English style. It's slightly darker than your average Oregon IPA but works well.