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Beer Guide 2015: Chehalem Valley Brewing

Chehalem Valley Brewing

2515 B Portland Road, Newberg, 971-832-8131, 4-9 pm Monday-Thursday, 4-10 pm Friday, noon-10 pm Saturday, noon-8 pm Sunday.

[DEALING] Chehalem Valley seems like a place couples of competing tastes end up as part of a grand bargain of booze. "OK, honey, you were a good sport about spending most of the day sipping pinots in Newberg, now let's get you a beer!" Well, sorry, fella, you got the short end. The folks inside this mausoleum of maroon cinder block are nice, granted, and if there's a game on, you can bet it'll be at full volume beginning with the national anthem. The waitress may hum along, and if you're at the bar you'll probably look up to notice the "Flag of Heroes" made from the names of people killed on 9/11—most while doing paperwork. Skip the food or prepare to admit envy of those dining at the neighboring Ye Olde Pizza Shoppe. None of Chehalem Valley's beer impressed, but the foul Hop On Pop double IPA and a coffee porter that tasted like second-use grounds were especially bad. The silver lining? A very well-appointed list of guest taps. It's been a long day, so order an RPM without apology or regret.

DRINK THIS: Guest taps.