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Beer Guide 2015: Culmination


2117 NE Oregon St., 353-6368, 6-10 pm Wednesday-Saturday.

[NOT QUITE YET] There are two schools of thought to cracking a new brewery's doors. Some want to wait until they've got their own beer to pour, others go the Culmination route, holding a big opening shindig, then inviting everyone out to drink from their guest taps for a few months. You've gotta pay the rent, right? So far, this 7,000-square-foot operation just south of I-84 in Kerns has only a black IPA made on Lucky Lab system's for sampling, a beer which tastes a lot like a Lucky Lab beer. Owner Tomas Sluiter, formerly of Old Market, has big plans, including a serious focus on sake, a recording studio and live music.

DRINK THIS: Whatever they've got.