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Beer Guide 2015: Feckin Brewing

Feckin Brewing

415 S. McLoughlin Blvd., Oregon City, 880-5608, 3-9 pm Friday.

[FECKIN GOOD] The year-old Feckin is in the feckin boondocks, a clubhouse of an Irish brewery at the farthest southern outpost of Oregon City before it becomes farmland. Open to the public only on Friday afternoons, its taproom is an industrial-park aluminum shed with a tiny brewery and a foosball table, plus a whiteboard that fills with Wu-Tang-themed guest logs from visiting couples and questionable jokes. Two Daves are behind it: Feckin brewmaster Dave Maher, proprietor at Maher's Irish Pub in Lake Oswego, and Dave Fleming, the Kells brewmaster and longtime local beer gadabout who came in with an assist. Feckin is now giving Fleming's own excellent Irish red some competition. Feckin's IRA is biscuity, balanced with a hefty dose of hops in its back end; the oatmeal porter counterweights its cereal notes with a little whiff of booziness. But the Top o' the Feckin Mornin' is a lid-lifter like few others, an 8.5 percent ABV caffeine-fueled wallop that perks your liver right up. Should you not want to make the southerly Friday trek, the Feckin brews tend to show up at Tap That and at Horse Brass, where the red has taken up a residency.

DRINK THIS: Top o' the Feckin Mornin' is fuckin' great.