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Beer Guide 2015: Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the Mountain

3443 NE 57th Ave, 894-8973, 11 am-11 pm Sunday-Thursday, 11 am-midnight Friday and Saturday.

[HOUSE BREW] Beer and wings go hand-in-hand. Not because they work particularly well together, as anyone who has tried chugging beer to salve capsaicin burn can attest, but because they inhabit the same spaces. You watch sports with them. You meet up with them at happy hour after a grueling day at work. You down a pint to get the gumption to eat that final nuclear-holocaust-flavored wing. Actually, beer is probably what got you into that position to begin with. So it's only fitting that Fire on the Mountain makes both—with the beer specifically to "wash the wings down." The brewery is located at their newest spot on Northeast 57th Avenue, which also serves bitchin' pizza, but you can find their beer at all three Portland locations. In an age where many breweries offer haute pub food, Fire on the Mountain took the opposite route and ended up at the same destination. Grab a few "boneless chicken wings" (i.e. large chicken tenders) in the house jerk sauce and get a stout to wash it down.

DRINK THIS: Shocks of Sheba IPA. You're going to want something bitter to accompany those El Jefe wings.