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Beer Guide 2015: Lompoc


3901 N Williams Ave., 288-3996, 11 am-midnight Monday-Thursday, 11 am-1 am Friday-Saturday, 11 am-11 pm Sunday.

[BRING BACK WHITE ALBUM] Lompoc has been brewing since 1996, surviving the demolition of its original Northwest Portland location to become a local staple with four pubs in three quadrants. Since 2012, the airy Fifth Quadrant pub on North Williams Avenue has been the heart of the brewing operation. Lompoc consistently brews six year-round beers—go with Stout Out Loud, C-Note or LSD—and has near-weekly special releases. Those releases include a staggering number of barrel-aged concoctions matched by the Fifth's extensive menu and full bar. You never know when you'll walk into Lompoc and stumble upon an exciting new offering in their IPA series or a five-year vertical of Old Tavern Rat barleywine. You do know there will always be $2.50 pints all day on Miser Monday (Oaks Bottom and Northwest 23rd) or Tightwad Tuesday (Fifth Quadrant and Hedge House). BROOKE GEERY.

DRINK THIS: If you like fruity beers, the Pampelmousse is a bright citrus IPA that almost tastes like biting into freshly cut grapefruit, without sugar.