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Beer Guide 2015: Migration


2828 NE Glisan St., 206-5221, 11 am-midnight Monday-Saturday, 11 am-10 pm Sunday.

[#SPROTS] What Migration lacks in table service, it makes up for in tables. With a sizable outdoor patio, the main pub and an annex bar, there is ample, comfortable seating here. That is unless Oregon is playing for a football championship. Then, the entire neighborhood gathers to hoot and holler at the TV screens. Of course, if you like sports, you probably like beer, and they have plenty of that here, too. Migration strives for balance, from its Clem's Cream Ale (it's smooooth) to the Old Silenus Ale, which might put hair on your chest (well, if you are a teenage boy going through puberty—it's still just beer). Migration is community-focused, often creating collaborative beers with local businesses as part of its Migrator series, and strives for a neighborhood-bar feel. Founded by two brothers and decorated mostly with sports memorabilia, the spacious bar is a great place to grab a beer with a group, and even play a round of darts. They also offer happy-hour prices during Blazers and Timbers games. Sorry, Duckies, you pay full price.

DRINK THIS: Terry's Porter, a rich, chocolatey porter with a little bit of smoky flavor, will please any dark beer lover.