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Beer Guide 2015: Natian Brewery

Natian Brewery

1321 NE Couch St, 971-678-7116,

[CRAFT IN A CAN] Forget the website's blog that hasn't been updated in two years, Natian (pronounced "ney-shen") Brewery does in fact still exist—even if it does bill itself as the "Micro-est of Microbrews." Brewer Ian McGuinness prides himself on being one of the earliest adopters of aluminum cans locally and made a rapid rise from nanobrewing to the beer aisle over the past few years. Natian now claims shelf space at New Seasons and distribution all the way to Pennsylvania. The dry-hopped Old Grogham Imperial IPA is the easiest to find but you'll occasionally stumble upon something not even listed on the site, like Irish Water, an imperial golden ale that fully hides it's 9.2 percent ABV within a light, slight beer. It's actually a winter seasonal. "So many winter ales are big, dark, roasty, high ABV stouts and I wanted to make something with that high ABV," says McGuinness, "but a much lighter body." There is no tasting room as of yet, but there's something in the works

DRINK THIS: The Irish Water is a welcome change of pace from the porters and stouts of its winter seasonal brethren. You wouldn't believe it's aged in Irish whiskey barrels.