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Beer Guide 2015: Rail Side

Rail Side

309 NE 76th St., Vancouver, Wash., 360-907-8582, Hours TBA.

[SWITCH TRACK] Washington got a whopping 62 new permitted breweries last year—consider that Oregon has 208 total—thanks in large part to operations like Rail Side. Rail Side was the first and only brewery in the 'Shoug' back in 2012, before Mike Davis broke from his business partner. Davis' old space is now Doomsday (61!) while he's about to open his own spot on the western side of the 'Couv' (62!). As of press time, the new Rail Side was almost ready to open, with a few taps pouring but no scheduled start date. Davis and his Polish-born wife, Anka, are Eurocentric in their tastes, favoring traditional styles and balance while shunning trendy hops and big ABVs.

DRINK THIS: Hopper Car IPA, which has a nice English vibe.