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Beer Guide 2015: Royale


55 NE Farragut St., No. 6, 971-279-5587, By appointment only.

[WITH CHEESE] The guys behind Royale have seen inside a lot of breweries. The co-owners are all involved in Green Bottling, the mobile bottling company that filled and fastened 2 million 22-ounce bottles in Oregon last year. "We've been in and out of breweries every day for nearly a decade, so we've seen what we think works," says co-owner Mike Weksler. "We've seen bad beer with great marketing and great beer with bad marketing, and we thought we'd give it a go." So far, so good. Their just-leased tasting room on the Dekum Triangle won't open until sometime this summer but you'll already find Pig IPA and the Royal Porter on tap at dining destinations like Trifecta, Ned Ludd, Cocotte, Old Salt and Pollo Norte. It's hard to argue, given everything we've had is on the mild side and balanced enough to be food-friendly.

DRINK THIS: Fat Unicorn, a biscuity pale ale that has a nice, soft, floral tone and just enough bitterness to keep it from being cloying.