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Beer Guide 2015: Sasquatch Brewing

Sasquatch Brewing

6440 SW Capitol Hwy., 402-1999, 3-11 pm Monday-Thursday, noon-midnight Friday-Saturday, noon-9 pm Sunday.

[SOUTHWEST'S BEST] When Sasquatch Brewing opened in Hillsdale, it was truly out in the woods, surrounded by very few good places to eat and drink. The neighborhood's offerings are more robust, but the cozy, wooded pub still garners the same welcome sigh as always. While drinking various 4-ounce tasters from a tray in the shape of a giant foot, it is impossible to miss the great clarity with which all their beers finish. The paler ales are dry and focused, and heavier beers such as the Bertha Brown Ale lean on their malt just right. Food is better than most pubs in town, and Sasquatch is still the only place I've ever seen deep-fried kimchi pickles.

DRINK THIS: Bertha Brown Ale on nitro, one of the only nonstout nitro pours in town worth drinking. Its well-rounded malt character and head retention is aided by the tiny bubbles.