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Beer Guide 2015: StormBreaker


832 N Beech St, 703-4516, Noon-10 pm Sunday-Monday, noon-11 pm Tuesday-Thursday, noon-midnight Friday-Saturday.

[AROUND THE HORN] There are no more hot dog cookouts on Mississippi Avenue. Former Amnesia brewer Rob Lutz bought out the old brewery to start his own, and installed a much-improved, weirdly modular food menu, with everything from burgers to flank steak operating on some variation of share plate or build-your-own. But for a brewery with such a portentous name, the beer list is pretty conservative. The pale is so pale it's barely there, really. There's only the occasional out-jut into rarer styles like a deeply chocolaty Fall of the Iron Curtain Baltic Porter. The two standouts so far are both hoppy. While the standard Cloud Ripper IPA is a little bit needling up front, the Savage Nimbus Double IPA is a marvel of balance, with grapefruity punch and a bit of spice rounding out the flavor even with the beer's hefty 92 IBUs. The Blazers-themed Triple Double seasonal, dangerously quaffable at 8.5 percent, is even more of a fruit bomb, pairing the Citra hops with Mosaic and Amarillo. The best feature, however, is a true drinking man's fetish for beer-and-whiskey pairings, served at a slight discount. Get the Bowmore scotch with the kolsch, and by the time you're done drinking you won't remember your first sip.

DRINK THIS: Stick with the Savage Nimbus Double IPA, unless you're feeling frisky enough to throw Oregon distiller Ransom's hot WhipperSnapper bourbon into the mix.