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Beer Guide 2015: Three Mugs

Three Mugs

2020 NW Aloclek Dr., Suite 108, Hillsboro, 971-322-0232, 3-8 pm Tuesday-Thursday, 2-9 pm Friday, noon-7 pm Saturday, noon-6 pm Sunday.

[ONE BEER] Beer is in Chris Jennings' blood, and not just when he gets crunk on a Friday night in downtown Hillsboro. His parents, Jay and Wendy, are the proprietors of Brew Brothers, Oregon's biggest homebrew supply store, so it is of little surprise that the younger Jennings would eventually go into the brewing business himself. Although Three Mugs is another full-on family affair, it's his bearded mug you'll find behind the bar in Brew Brothers' back room, which was converted last year into a makeshift 19-tap pub. With random spray-paint art on the walls, a foosball table in the corner and a leather couch adorned with Raiders pillows, the place has a welcoming frathouse-basement vibe. Its beer program, though, has been slow to develop. In last year's guide, Jennings said he was planning a Pilsner, a barleywine and a few hop-bombs, but on a recent visit, only a dunkelweizen was available. Eventually, the taplist will expand to include eight in-house items, but the existing selection—which includes a variety of nitros, meads and ciders—is already impressive enough to establish a regular clientele.

DRINK THIS: Well, we've only been able to try the Dunkel Dude, but it was well-executed.