632 E Burnside St., 233-3113. 4 pm-2:30 am daily.

There are bars that solicit IT advice via Facebook, and bars that don't. This LoBu rocker dive is the former. B-Side is also the kind of bar that closes for the night when a bartender's band has an important gig—so everybody who works there can go—and the kind that maintains a covered patio of picnic tables that's so smoky no one would tolerate sitting there unless they're puffing. The time to go is "crappy hour," 4 to 7 pm daily, when Tecate, Rainier and Hamm's tallboys are each $1. Beware the psychedelic "Tronicorn" that will—according to a Post-it note—"fuck your girlfriend."

Crappy hour: 4-7 pm daily. $1 Hamm's, Rainier and Tecate tallboys.

Entertainment: Three pinball machines, board games, patio.