4500 SE Stark St., 232-8538, belmont-station.com. Noon-10 pm Monday-Sunday.

Co-owned by renowned beer writer Lisa Morrison, Belmont Station is home to 1,200 bottles, all impeccably organized, and an always interesting rotating tap list, from unpronounceable arrivals (Hof ten Dormaal Zure Van Tildonk) to the rare, true, dry English cider tap (Aspall, say) to a litany of brewery releases and local tap takeovers so relentless it's like the bar is playing Egypt in a historical play, conquered by one invading army after another. The Italian Market cart provides the food—or it should, anyway. Get a gabagool and park on the back patio. And make sure, especially, to show up for Puckerfest in July, a weeklong festival of sours and wilds that will suck in your cheeks and pre-purse your lips for a drunken kiss.