701 E Burnside St., 946-8151, burnsidebrewco.com. 11 am-10 pm Sunday-Tuesday, 11 am-11 pm Wednesday-Thursday, 11 am-midnight Friday-Saturday.

Burnside Brewing used to be known best for the oyster one-off beers and uni goofballs and especially its perennial Sweet Heat, a refreshing Scotch bonnet apricot beer that inspires deep loyalty in some. And sure, they still plop an improvised firkin onto the bar once every few weeks, and the seasonals usually outnumber the regulars. But the classics are also getting a bit more attention lately, and the brewery's been making its barleywine long enough it's now blending batches; a two-year Whiteout mixed vintages aged in port and bourbon barrels for a beautifully warm, balanced result. And the new Other IPA, a four-hop blend thick with juicy Mosaic, is splendid when fresh. But also, when summer hits, the party tends to hit the parking lot in a big way.

Happy hour:  4-6 pm. Cheap-ass food specials and $3.50 beers, $3 imperial pints Wednesday.

Entertainment: There's so much rotating random crap on the wall, you're really never bored. Patio.