2035 NE Glisan St., 235-5690. 11:30 am-2:30 am daily.

In Portland, if not the rest of the world, the sentimentality we feel for our favorite bars is almost entirely based on individual experience. But since 1958, Club 21 has managed to charm untold visitors before they even set foot inside. Seemingly airdropped into Kerns from an enchanted forest—or at least the Enchanted Forest theme park in Salem—it looks like the place garden gnomes would go to drink after a long day of guarding their masters' lawns. It's a treasure of weirdo architecture on par with that jug-shaped strip club on Sandy, and might be the only local watering hole to inspire an entire compilation of songs written in its honor. Though it received a cosmetic "upgrade" in 2011, the interior is still '70s ski-lodge chic, all random bric-a-brac—a taxidermied deer head here, a promotional poster for Chuck Norris in Braddock: Missing in Action III there—and roaring fireplace, which makes it especially inviting on those rare Portland snow days. (It seemed like the entire neighborhood packed in to watch a Blazers game during Snowpocalypse 2014.) Sitting ominously in a large parking lot real-estate developers must salivate over, its future always seems to be in peril. Even with the protection of an extended lease, Club 21 could get beamed back to its home planet at any moment. Best make your own memories while you can.

Happy hour: 3-7 pm Monday-Friday. $1 off food, well drinks and wine, 50 cents off drafts.  

Entertainment: Pinball, video poker, Blazers, jukebox, occasional live music and DJs.