1400 SE Morrison St., 235-8150, crushbar.com. noon-2 am Monday-Saturday, noon-1 am Sunday.

Crush offers a new take on the gay bar: not being a gay bar. Well, not exclusively. As the sign on the door—two man symbols holding hands, two women symbols holding hands, a man symbol and a woman symbol holding hands—indicates, it's welcoming of everybody of every persuasion. But that doesn't mean that it's done away with the trappings that one might expect. There's still burlesque or boylesque twice a month, a house and techno night, and its drink menu comes with such tongue-busting-through-cheek, house-infused selections as "Male Order Bride" (housemade ginger ale with "lots o' vodka " and fresh ginger, $6), "Bitter Bitch" (ginger vodka, Campari and grapefruit juice, $7.50), "French Whore" (cucumber gin, champagne, lemon, St. Germain, $7.50) and a few decent taps. Heh, "a few decent taps." Look for that on Crush's menu next time it prints new ones.

Happy hour: 3 pm-midnight Tuesday, 3-7 pm Wednesday-Monday. $1.50 PBRs, $3.35 microbrews, $3 well drinks, $4 martinis.

Entertainment: Dancing, burlesque shows.