5305 SE Foster Road, 774-4513, devilspoint.net. 11 am-2:30 am daily.

Foster-Powell might be constantly changing around it, but Devils Point remains as it's always been. Heavily tatted dancers let their piercings jangle on a stage held up by thick chains seemingly bought from Trent Reznor's yard sale. Surprisingly upbeat bartenders serve stiff drinks and cheap beer to dates, bachelor parties and the skeevy dudes glued to the video poker machines with the courtesy you'd expect from a neighborhood dive, which this very much is. In the summer, you can get your dog or your car scrubbed at the annual bikini-fueled washes. Tuesdays go with a surprisingly robust soul theme and on Sundays the joint hosts its infamous stripparaoke night, which is exactly what it sounds like, only somehow more amazing. It is, in short, the picture of a Portland strip club. Never change.

Happy hour: 11 am-7 pm daily. $2.50 wells, 50 cents off micros.

Entertainment: Ogling, pool, pinball, video poker, live music, lap rides, stripper-assisted karaoke.